Friday, 25 February 2011

Paris weekend getaway

How I would love to spend this weekend in Paris! Imagine walking along the Seine, just enjoying life. Whenever I travel, I'm always almost as exited about the hotel I'm staying at, as I am about the destination. I love staying at hotels. I always find a lot of inspiration, and end up going home with at least a hundred different design ideas. Next time I'm in Paris I would love to stay at the Hotel Pulitzer. I somehow stumbled over their website, and I absolutely fell in love with their elegant but yet cosy and inviting design. They've managed to combine antique objects with a more industrial and modern look, and I think it looks stunning.

What about you? Do you have any favourite hotels that you turn to for inspiration?

Enjoy your evening!

Images: Hotel Pulitzer


  1. Hellow!

    I came from reading a hear-warming comment of yours from our fave blog: Decor8.

    You are lucky to have 2 degrees that are in line with your passion and path to be in the creative world. Economy all around sucks big time - so hang in there!

    Congratulations on your brand new blog - I am now your latest follower :)

    Oh also, I don't have a specific hotel in mind, but I do love boutique hotels and independent inns for their extra charms!

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words, and your support! It's always a bit scary to share something personal with strangers. But I'm starting to learn how many wonderful people are out there, hidden under different blog names.

    Love Victoria

  3. Hi Victoria, I love these hotels in my hometown but don't know if I could ever afford to stay there! The rooms look so beautiful and I love that they are based on fabulous artists with original works. I'm new to the blogging world like you but already I've met so many beautiful people the world over. Following your dreams the way you are and refusing to give up - you are already inspiring.

  4. Those hotels where wonderful! Thank you for sharing that link.

    I think it is so fantastic that people can meet in this way, and share ideas and inspiration. Now, I will visit your blog.

    Love Victoria